We have gathered here to be warned.


The newsletter – if Twitter should give up trying to hinder – will be lengthy.


By lengthy, I mean I typed for three days non-stop until my computer slowed down to back to the 80ies seemingly hesitant  about  the amount o  nonsense.

By lengthy – and if they should give up trying to prevent me from sending – I mean that Twitter will need to invest in more  IT to handle it. Also, it would not be exactly true to state that no animals were injured.


By so much nonsense – it all depends on Twitter, will they allow? – I mean that ProtonMail in Switzerland will think they are under attack again.

By  if Twitter allows,  I mean that Tutanota might find out that it does not need malicious code to make webmail freeze.


By help desk,  I mean that will not be affected at all, but Google will proactively   reject the email telling you the attachment would have been too large for them to handle.

By Hotmail,   I mean that the link to unsubscribe from the newsletter will be hidden so low, your battery will have died before you managed to wipe there.


By lengthy,  I mean I cannot scroll down even on a desktop computer.


Who would not love to win 3 T-Shirts shipped worldwide, no personal details asked?

By worldwide, I mean you order, and I pay.

No, not that I was aware of. Not sure if there had been any plan (ever (from the very beginning)).


Pro tip: Scroll down, you might find silly to laugh.




A little more.








A green crocodile is involved in the fun.








Please scroll down to the bottom of the page.










Star Wars Lego (Darth Vader and three Stormtroopers) running from a Crododile. Oh, wait a minute: Darth Vader is not yet running, the three Stormtroopers between him an the crodocilde, however, are about to run right now.