We have gathered here not only to celebrate the improved 3-Neo-PCP I had been nervous about recently but now can say that a) The bird has landed, and b) Fantastic compound, ideal for pre-order researchers, no! There is more.

The Updated Menu

As if all that pointless slander coming from Dansk tabloid would not have hurt our delicate American NPS Community enough already, now that Renè wants to steal RC SCENE from us by hiding it behind a Paywall and offering a free Newsletter “NEWS for End-Users” instead.

Paywalls Explained (Wikipedia)
NEWS for End-Users (RC Scheme)

Don’t worry, friends, your Harm Reductionist saw that coming and has saved a free copy of RC SCENE to access from wherever and whenever – no expensive internet required! No more of telling you when and for how much not to have a look at US Vendors anymore.


Stay healthy!

Your sincere harm Reductionist










Just in case: A link to the updated Menu again